Bar Termini, London

Blink and you might miss Termini. This tiny little bar sits behind a stylish deep blue frontage and a small wooden bench at the lesser traversed end of Old Compton Street. With only around 5 or 6 tables and a couples of bar stools, you have to be lucky to get a seat – and there isn’t much floor space for standing! Thankfully, they take bookings, which is a rarity in Soho especially nowadays, so make sure you plan ahead. We actually popped in for a coffee on a Saturday afternoon which made for a welcome change, and seats were aplenty. 

Coffee is served short and strong (the Italian way), in a range of different formats including bianco (espresso and foamed milk) and bicerin (the same, with chocolate). Some of us order cioccolato (essentially, hot chocolate), which are deliciously thick and rich. 

Given how small the place is, the staff, dressed in traditional long white serving coats, are able to give a huge amount of attention to every table, and their service is impeccable. 

Bar Termini however is perhaps more well known for its cocktails, more specifically, its negroni. These a very simply served in beautiful small glasses (no ice) and come in a choice of four flavours – superiore, rosato, classico and robusto. The rossato is a little sweeter (perhaps the best for negroni novices), whilst the robusto is a little punchier. All four are excellent, and small enough for more than one!

Bar Termini is the perfect spot for mid morning coffee, late afternoon drinks, or simply somewhere to start your evening before heading out to see what else Soho has to offer.

Bar Termini
7 Old Compton Street

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