Dean Street Townhouse, London

The row of green umbrellas and white circular tables that line the front of this imposing, unmarked building are well known amongst those who often walk Soho’s streets. But what exactly is beyond the intriguing frontage that makes Dean Street Townhouse so iconic?

A traditionally designed, old school place given a sense of grandeur from its high ceilings and panelled walls. A long bar spanning the length of the room takes centre stage, which would as ideal a spot to read the morning papers as much as it would be to end the night with a whisky cocktail. Dean Street Townhouse does classic British members club down to a tee. The white table cloths give it an air of sophistication, although the vibe is on the whole casual enough to feel comfortable wearing trainers. 

The brunch menu is unsurprisingly as traditional as the decor, with several variations on the English breakfast, and a selection of eggs cooked in various styles. I opt for something a little different and go for the ham hock hash that comes with a fried egg, whilst my guest goes for the modern classic of avocado on toast. The menu is simple classics done as well as is possible. 

We have a pleasant experience with the staff who are attentive and efficient, with enough working for it not to feel too busy. 

So next time, don’t let that deceivingly grand exterior fool you, Dean Street Townhouse is very accessible and has something for everyone.

69-71 Dean Street

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