Commonground, Berlin

“Berlin is great for so many things, just not the food.” This is what I was pretty much told previous to my most recent trip. Well, I’m pleased to say, they were wrong. 

True, you do need to know where you’re going. It’s not one of those cities where you can casually stumble across that perfect little independent cafe whilst taking a walk through the centre. However with the number of eateries that are springing up across the city, Berlin is well on the way to being considered a foodie destination of choice. 

Commonground is bold and opulent, without being too much of either. Dark blue walls are accentuated with metallic finishes of gold and black. Jazzy rugs are softened by soft greenery climbing up raw trellises. And wooden light shades do not look out of place next to luxe velvet furniture. The whole vibe is decidedly eclectic. 

A little courtyard garden is situated beyond all this which is a cool little spot, especially for the great weather that Berlin is currently experiencing. As much care has been taken in designing the exterior as the interior. Wiry patio chairs are made comfortable with colourful cushions, and the detail in the tables matches the outside to in. The front of the restaurant too boasts bifold doors, allowing for a throughflow of fresh air and meaning that this eatery is bound to be one of Mitte’s hottest choices this summer. 

The staff (pretty much all native English speakers, as is generally the case in any bar or cafe in Berlin) are expectedly relaxed. It’s not table service outside, but that’s sort of to be expected, and by no means a burden. Flat whites in mint green cups are alluringly tempting, whilst the food is so beautiful you hardly want to stick your fork in to destroy it.

The menu does brunch at its best, but with a few surprises thrown in for good measure. Bacon, eggs and avocado on sourdough to be expected, but with the addition of pesto and houmous, suddenly the experience changes. The menu is flexible and you are encouraged to add toppings – such as feta or chorizo – ingredients that only enhance rather than  flavours. The bread that is served is surprisingly soft for sourdough and incredibly moreish.

Commonground is a luxe and laidback spot with a boutiquey hotel feel, ideal for food or drink at any meal of the day.

Rosenthaler Str. 1

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