Silo Coffee, Berlin

Silo Coffee is somewhat of an institution in Berlin. “Where’s good for brunch?” I repeatedly asked anyone who had visited (and cared to listen). “Silo,” to those in the know, tended to be the preferred response. I soon found out it was for good reason.

Inspired by breakfast down under, Silo does classic Aussie brunching at its best. Those Londoners familiar with Mud may spot more than one similarity…

Upon approach, look out for the burgundy painted exterior of this unassuming little spot – you might miss it otherwise! Wood is the material of choice, and put to very good use in the cute little benches that line the outside, a row that is completely full on such a sunny day. Inside, a large wood topped counter adorned with baked treats and fresh pastries greet the mixed crowd of locals, ex-pats and the odd tourist that enter through the miniature glass door. Caged bulbs hang overhead, spilling out of red wires that perch like a spider across the whitewash ceilings. Concrete floors look perfect next to the obligatory exposed brick wall, which even comes complete with bicycle storage. Handy. 

The service is fast for such a busy spot and we are luckily seated right away. Silo seem to operate a waiting list upon entry for busier times, which is useful, rather than having to wait in a line for a table. Our table for three is cosy in a cute spot by the window. 

Of all the food and drink, the coffee is particularly standout, as you would hope when it’s in the cafe name. The standard options are all available (the flat white being the best), as well as others such as their cold brew – a great deal of care being taken to prepare all. Silo are proud of their local suppliers, using a brand called Fjord for the coffee and a bakery called Sironi for all the bread. 

The food menu is everything you look for in brunch. Various combinations of eggs, sausage and bacon come with avocado and sourdough (Sironi) bread. Other options are available such a granola for the health freaks and pancakes for the sweet-tooths, but really it’s all about the hot stuff. Presentation is good, and the taste does not disappoint. Try the pork, fennel and date sausages – they’re amazing! 

With the success of this coffee establishment that opened in 2014, it’s actually quite surprising there aren’t more places like this to choose from in Berlin. However, with the likes of  Commonground and Hallesches Haus popping up, it seems Berlin has got brunch perfection well in its sights.

Gabriel-Max-Straße 4

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