Pharmacy 2, London

I highly doubt you would ever stumble across Pharmacy 2. Nestled away in the heart of Lambeth between Vauxhall and Waterloo is Newport Street Gallery, situated on a lesser traversed street beside the railway line. The gallery itself is beautiful, and well worth a visit, but we’re here for the food (and we certainly are) you’ll want to head straight up to the first floor where you’ll be met with…

One the quirkiest, yet tasteful, rooms you might ever find yourself dining in. The clue’s in the name, and it’s not even just a hint at pharmacy-chic (is that a thing?), it’s like walking into a full blown Lloyd’s chemists (if Lloyd’s served a mean range of non-medicinal cocktails, that is). With one wall devoted purely to boxes of drugs and a glass cabinet filled with an array of varied surgical instruments, tools and clamps (can’t remember that from Lloyd’s), the restaurant’s out-there theme is firmly cemented. Even the ‘prescriptions’ bar comes complete with stools shaped in your favourite tablets. Make mine a Solpadine.

With all this style, you would hope and pray that the substance delivers as well. Thankfully, with Mark Hix at the helm, the place is in extremely good hands. We’re here on a Sunday and are dying for a roast dinner, which comes in a choice of two or three courses. We know something is extraordinary when they ask how we want the meat cooking, and it turns out to be a sirloin steak rather that your Standard roast beef. Not something to sniff at! With a huge Yorkshire pudding, sides of creamy cauliflower cheese and crispy roasties with fabulously tasty gravy, this is not your everyday Sunday Lunch. 

Dessert is the deviously rich chocolate moose with honeycomb pieces. Not exactly a looker, but the proof of this pudding is certainly in the eating.

The wine list is extensive, but the cheaper options have definitely earned their place and are a brilliant accompaniment to the meal.

So whenever you’re feeling low and in need of a pick-me-up, you can count on Pharmacy 2 to give you just the remedy you might need.

9 Newport Street
SE11 6AJ

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