Disrepute, London

I have a slight obsession with ‘secret’ bars. I suppose there’s something in the exclusivity of it all – being in the know about that quiet little spot where you’re guaranteed to grab a table. Or maybe it’s just the smug feeling of having one up on your significant other (“You mean, you haven’t been here before, babe?”). 

Keeping Disrepute a secret however may not be an easy task, which is perhaps why it’s been given ‘members only’ status (with advance bookings available for non-members, of course). Tucked away at the lower end of the bustling Kingley Court near Carnaby Street, the attractively plush green and gold door that opens out onto this little alley is a beacon for the affluent London crowd this venue wants to attract. But the narrow, red carpetted staircase beyond leads downwards to nothing you could ever imagine.

A visually stunning throwback to the 60s, brightly coloured crushed velvet furniture is matched with loud patterned wallpaper and wood panelling underneath a curved ceiling, creating a decedent and cosy feel in this underground cavern. 

Formally known the Kingly Club (and before that the Pinstripe Club), the updated decor does an excellent job in staying true to its roots whilst still keeping the style current. 

This is perhaps one venue where I think the bar seats aren’t necessarily the best – opt for one of the high backed armchairs instead for a sense of totally luxury, whilst the able waiting staff fetch your drinks. And what a choice of drinks there are on offer. Cocktails here are certainly not for the fussy, with every concoction described as though a line from a novel, rather than an ingredient list (“There she was, high on her perch as he shuffled past her…” to quote just one). Ask the bartender for assistance, they’re more than happy to suggest drinks to suit every palette. 

For a sophisticated drink in a hidden-away spot right in the centre of town, this place is perfection. Probably not for one for a full night out given the price (although the venue is open until 3am on weekends) but definitely one for a start of the night tipple or post-dinner nightcap.


4 Kingly Court


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