Blacklock, London


Walking down into Blacklock on such a sunny day was a little disconcerting. The thought of missing out on all that sunlight whilst dining on heavy ‘winter’ food in a cellar wasn’t exactly the ideal. But the high ceilings and spacious feel of the restaurant interior make it feel as open and inviting as though we were on a roof terrace in Clapham. Well not quite, but it’s a great space for a basement!

Blacklock has that same feeling of nostalgia associated with going to your nan’s for a Sunday roast (assuming your nan is uber trendy with a penchant for industrial interiors). In honesty, the decor is far from kitch, with cool steel beams and hard wooden stools in abundance. But the food itself is nothing short of a good home cooked meal – well, that and so much more!

For fancier (and pricier) steaks, try Hawksmoor, but for some down to earth, well-cooked and truly tasty meat, Blacklock is the one for you. We aim to try a bit of everything, and their ‘skinny chops’ menu is perfect for this. They suggest as a starter to try a few bits – we cover all bases with lamb, pork and beef. They’re all cooked well, and very tender. But the highlight is, no doubt, the piece of porterhouse steak we get to share for main course. 

Served medium rare as standard, the juicy cut is nothing short of perfect, and ideal for sharing between three. The sides are varied and delicious in their own way – from beef dripping chips, to charred baby gem lettuce and crispy/soft roasted sweet potatoes. 

Our staff for the day were attentive and friendly, without being over the top. It’s always good to strike a balance, and the service is as down to earth as the food.

I haven’t mentioned the best part – cocktails for a fiver! Which, in this part of town, is unheard of. And the great part, they’re good

Blacklock offer a ‘butcher’s price’ menu on a Monday, which is highly recommended. You essentially get around a 40% discount on all the larger cuts of beef. A bargain!

24 Great Windmill Street

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